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Welcome to the "Learn Socks, Toe-Up" Pattern Companion Page

Here you will find any additional information, errata, tips and anything else that comes up in relation to my knitting pattern for these simple toe-up socks that are ideal for the first-time sock knitter or toe-up sock knitter. Enjoy!

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~ Errata ~

I guess some errors are inevitable, I just hope this list is short! I apologize with all my heart for any frustrations these errors may cause.

  • none so far, let me know if you find one!

Sales Pitch (thinly veiled)

Raggedy Ruffles are fun and funky hand warmers with soft ruffles that won’t need blocking every time they are washed. Whether knitted in Worsted or DK weight yarn, they are designed to use all those fabulous little leftovers; pick four or five colors that play well together. Use worsted weight or DK weight to fit an average woman’s hand.

You can purchase the full color, paper pattern on Etsy

You can also get an instant download 

Ravelry  or on LoveKnitting

Skill level = Easy, for confident beginner

Two gauges = woman's average hand in Worsted weight yarn or in DK weight yarn. Follow the directions for Worsted weight in DK weight yarn (and gauge) for a child's size hand.


© All my patterns are copyright protected and are for personal use only. This pattern may not be reproduced for resale or distribution (giving copies to friends or guild members is copyright infringement. Sharing with members of the same household is allowed). You may sell up to 5 items made using this pattern, more may be sold only with prior written agreement. E-mail me with your request and we can work something out.


  • If you have never knit socks before, try the DK weight gauge first. Knit in a non-textured (not bumpy or hairy) yarn and a light color, they will be easier to see what you are doing.
  • Make sure that your gauge forms a firm fabric, not loose or drapey. Your socks will wear longer without getting holes in them.
  • Use a wool yarn that has a minimum of 15% nylon for the longest wearing socks (I like 25%).
  • For larger or wider sized feet, increase total stitch count by multiples of 4; instead of 64 stitches increase toe to 68 or 72 stitches. Work heel on 50% of total stitches.
  • For a very high arch, work heel on 36 stitches (or 56% of total stitches). This will give you more ease across the top of the arch.

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