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A knitting project being unraveled with all the curly yarn showing
Knitting With Re-Used or Recycled Yarn
There are many reasons why someone might want to reuse yarn they have already knit into something (or even a sweater from the thrift store that has good yarn). It may not fit right (gee, it fit when I started it), the design was ugly or boring, he's ...
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a pair of hand knit hand warmers in mottled gren and teal yarn with two very different color balls of yarn
How to Knit With Hand Dyed Yarns and Get Uniform Colors Fom Skein to Skein
Hand dyed yarns have no dye lot and rarely match identically from one skein to the other. How do you make a project that requires more than one skein to not have noticeable color stripes or to match a pair ...
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